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Part of the NG community during 2003-2006: Created a series of Madness Combat tribute animations called Maximum Ninja. After that I worked on Flash gamedev in varied creative roles, before making sound design and music my full-time focus.

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good luck. i love maximum ninja ;)


um... could you help me make some madness videos cuz i thought it would br cool to make my own madness videos cuz well i dont know jow to make a madness video.......or where to even get madness.

Madness is within every bloodthirsty teen boy (and occasionally girl..)

Go find yourself Flash, learn it, and let there be violence..

really? like, MN4? there's still a chance? oh my god, maximum ninja on my year of graduation. That would be brick shitting fantastic! That'll definitely get me off my feet and hopefully become a madness freak again =D
When I read the last 5 paragraphs, I thought damn, people who made madness the best have had depressing times recently. Right now, krinkels is going through a withdrawal of his 12 year patience for a game that was canceled.
hope you do well!
P.S. I'm so glad you didn't make more than 3 MN's so far. The storyline is really confusing, and if you make the fourth, It'll just be more confusing.

my plan is to somehow make the storyline all make sense in the fourth

i dont think a greater challenge exists for anyone anywhere

that storyline is so unplanned, disjointed, and generally retarded... i sincerely wonder what the FUCK caused me to make it the way it is

guess it didn't help that i pretty much made everything up on the fly..
failing to plan is planning to fail...

Thanks for your encouragement though :)
Madness is probably a whole lot more enjoyable if you are on a read-only basis with it...

I remember back in the day when I wanted to make a madness movie. I even got you on MSN. I tried to get Krinkels but to no avail. You were a cool guy, but then I stopped using MSN when I became a facebook whore. When you look back you really see yourself looking like a loser haha!

I hope I was nice to you lol

I take it you never did take a stab at the madness thing?

I got deleted from facebook... I posted a picture of myself with my junk between my legs so I looked like a woman.. Didn't go down very well..

nice i cant wait and good luck

you son of a bitch, dont update for a year,
but at least you did it on something good
good luck man,

I expect my updates will be infrequent, but bountiful


I have faith in you m8. Besides, no one can touch your skills. Your always going to come second to Krinkles, which means no one else will be ahead of you. Maximum Ninja is even more badass than Madness Combat :D!

Heh thanks dude

I think one of the things that has stunted the development of MN over the last few years is the fact that I know I'll always be second to Krinkels (at least in my mind... Nothing beats MC3). It's his throne to sit on- the absolute best I can be is a really sweet tribute... Which is cool, but I'd also like to develop my own original material

hi!! wow that was a VERY LONG POST D: .You are a great animator and my second hero(krinkels = first hero) . I dont want to lie, sometimes I HATED YOU, because you didn't make mn4. I learned a lot of things thanks to you. Maximum ninja is a great serie, you and krinkels are the best madness animators that I've never seen. Good luck in MN4 and in all of your projects!! :D


I lol'd at your laziness.

Which part, exactly?

Don't mean to have a go at you or anything.. Just curious what you mean :3

:'( I didn't know man..... But that's really good 4 u homie. I don't know what to say.....

MN was the first actual good Madness Tribute.

Back then they were so deliberately shitty, I wanted to puke.

MN3 blew me away. I actually wanted to rape you back then since I loved you so much. But now, There's alot of other good animators.

Chain by chain, the years go by.

2012 ???? >:( noooooo

The pats about u saving krinkels emails - I do not blame u, i wish i was as close 2 krinkels as u r.

And i am attempting 2 get flash, but i only have it at school, which kinda sucks, and ive made a start, and even made my own charaters, but when i start, i think, god, i just wanna do the blood n' gore straight off, so i lose intrest, and just sit there thinking of plots 2 use, and make more stuff 4 my self 4 furture animations. oh, yeah, and i hav no idea on how 2 make a preloader...

Got any tips?

The important thing when you start out is to keep the focus on the animation- if you stray off and start working on pretty artwork and whatever, you won't make any progress... Like you have described.

Just sit down and fight through the agony. It is very hard. But eventually you'll break through the barrier and you'll get a great deal of work done.... Just try it, and you'll see what I mean

ok I'll try. How do u make a preloader for ur animations?

Thx, Ali25

There are like tons on the internet you can download. Newgrounds has an extra cool one you can find here someplace.

I have a few, but is there any partiular way 2 use them because they dont seem 2 work for me.

Well then that means its another awsome flash animator that died in a car acciedent, and everyone wonders "why didn't he finish what he started?"

Whoa that's a whole lot to say there..... glad you still haven't given up on MN4! For a while I thought you had. But it's good to see that, blatantly in this case, I was wrong about that!! Good Luck!!!

Oh, and did I ever tell you that, next to Krinkels, you truly ARE the best madness animator that I have EVER seen? It's true- not one other madness tribute series I have seen at all quite beats maximum ninja. A couple series, including "Madness Mini" by Shrinkz, and "Madness Elimination" by Splurgle, have come really close. But no- they don't quite beat your series. If you ask me, Madness Elimination comes in 3rd place for best madness tribute series, Madness Mini in 2nd, and Maximum Ninja in 1st. And, you say that MN4 shall be the end of the series?? OK then..... I think that in MN2 you said that there would be 5 in the series, but oh well.....

Well, who knows- after I make the 4th I might want to do more.. but that's something to consider much later. Its not like I have a rigid storyline I need to follow- basically every madness movie is the same haha

I appreciate your kind words :) Like I said once before- I dont animate to make other people happy, but its very nice to hear that people appreciate my work

I definitely would like to see more people tackling FBF... I've tried training up a few minions, but its a tough thing to dedicate yourself too- I can't see another Maximum Ninja style movie being made unless someone comes along who has as little a life as I once did....

well thnk fuckin god i luv MN. and i wuz deppressed when u said you were gonna give up on it. u r better than krinkels at it or just as good anyways. pleze keep us fans of your work waiting to long tho!

Hello stooge.

1 question, despite the fact MN3 came out back in 2005, surely you don't like keeping all your fans waiting do you?

As others have said, of all the madness tributes, yours have been the best quality and they're great to watch.

Surely you still have the passion to complete your MN series?


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