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Part of the NG community during 2003-2006: Created a series of Madness Combat tribute animations called Maximum Ninja. After that I worked on Flash gamedev in varied creative roles, before making sound design and music my full-time focus.

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Hey dude, is the zombie robot guy gonna be in this one.
Oh, and first comment :3

2nd comment!

your no one can pull it off like krinks, but YOU!......even with tributes these days, YOU came the CLOSEST!


Dude make maximum ninja 4 that would be a sweet movie

That ninja has to be one of my favorite character designs.

Your madness tributes are the best out there!
We all love you!

<3 thankyou

I hope it is finnished, &amp; 3D is funnely the idea I always fantasized MN4 t be like.
Mind submitting what your not gonna inclued in the new 1?

I plan to put a website up eventually to house all of my material. Cause while I don't submit much, I've spent years working on various multimedia and have quite a big collection.

On here you'll be able to find everything I've ever made. I'm considering putting up the original FLA files so people can see what I did..

yay audio

You should really make Maximum Ninja 4, we've been waiting for such a long time now! I hope you finnish it. It will be awesome when you do it, I have proof, MN1, 2, and 3. And it will be even more awesome when it's in 3D. Looking forward to it. :)

Interesting work you have done with your Maximum Ninja series.
Even though it's based off Krinkel's characters, you tweaked it to your own originality with new characters and storyline.
You might not be Krinkels yourself, but, you certainly are a great artist on Newgrounds.
Great work,

~Supra Addict

hi nice to have u back.

oh man, you started the Maximum ninja now? I think you start to make this in 2006.............. oh man, make it soon, you can,t lost time, c,mon man or I will die

Oh come on! At least finish the epic final battle. You just flat out stopped right at a cliffhanger.. not cool. It really was a GREAT series ya know. Its up to you I guess what you wanna do with YOUR project, but damn man really? Dont make everyone use their imaginations on this!

I'm just really dissapointed that your not going to continue MN4. It is by far and you look around, you tell me yes or no that your series is the 2nd best on newgrounds (Krinkels first of course :). You animate like he does and you do a good job at it, But I have been waiting for almost 2 1/2 years now for This flash here so I have an idea, Why don't you let someone ELSE continue on Maximum ninja? They could say in the credits that it was your original idea and they are continuing it for you. Btw if you do actually decide to do this, don't talk to me about taking it over for you because I don't know jack sh*t abut flash, You should ask Krinkels... Maybe he could do it as well as you did, Well just give this into consideration. See ya.

i think you should finish what you started as i may define it as

madness with storyline
you were great
but its your choice, after all,

5 PERCENT? I don't mind people taking there time but, WHATS THE FUCKING HOLD UP? 1 and a half years and you just started? So that means in another year you'll be 10 percent done? LOL

BUT YOU ARE AS GOOD AS Krinkels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also like what Mario-hero-15 said let Krinkels take over if you dicede to not finish Maximum NInja.

No, Maximum Ninja is something I'd like to finish myself someday.

I can never tell what the future holds, you know? I might suddenly decide to do it, or I might never touch madness in any form ever again.

I appreciate everyone's support- if you guys didn't like earlier episodes as much as you did, there probably wouldn't have been a 2nd or 3rd episode.

Fact is, making this stuff takes alot of time. When I was 13 years old, I didn't really have much going on in my life except highschool (but fuck school lol- I had nothing going on)

But things are different now.. Time is precious, and I need it for other things. Most of you guys are pretty young, so I guess it's something you'll workout for yourselves as you get older..

I at least would like to model the Ninja in 3D, even if i don't animate him. So you guys can look forward to that, at least. The MN4 ninja design is awesome, I'll upload it for you all at some stage, rather than letting it rot in my HD..

Lol people probably wouldn't bug you about it as much if you hadn't ended 3 with such a cliffhanger. :P

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