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Part of the NG community during 2003-2006: Created a series of Madness Combat tribute animations called Maximum Ninja. After that I worked on Flash gamedev in varied creative roles, before making sound design and music my full-time focus.

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Posted by Sto0g3 - March 9th, 2010

Not a whole lot...

Well- thats not really true. A damn lot has been happening recently.

I realize that many people still check out what I am up to; and I figure if people are still giving a shit about what I do- that means I should be respectful enough to talk a little bit about what I am currently busying myself with...

Basically I'm working on several games which have been a long-time in the making. It looks like they are all going to be finished around the same time; which means I will be coming back with quite an impact so-to-speak.

The reasons they are taking so long are numerous... The main reason is because they contain such a high level of detail and are being developed in a few different teams consisting of only myself and a programmer.

Its slow work collaborating online- especially when I am doing everything myself besides the raw programming itself; I hope to someday hopefully soon to develop stuff locally. Like- in an office and everything. Goddamn that would be sweet.

But yes- just wanted to thank anyone still following my progress even though I haven't released much online in ages. I assure you that 2010 will be a very interesting year...

Spose I gotta give you something to look at...
I've attached a picture of some stuff I was doing on the raiden-x sequel introduction movie :)

Recent Happenings

Comments (31)

where is maximum ninja 4? :(

well at least, you´re alive

i concur with kitty. the shit and the fan were established long ago, but when are they going to meet?

I thought you were putting MN4 on hold because you had a life? Now I find out that you're developing games instead?

I put MN4 on hold because I don't have the time to put in solid, consecutive days of animating.

I can develop games because I can work a little here and there on them without losing my flow of ideas and inspiration. Animation for me requires getting into 'the zone', which I can't do if I can only work in limited amounts

Plus even after I spent the months working on MN4, it wouldn't make me any money compared to a flash game. Right now I need to develop content with earning money in mind... It sucks, but that's the way the world works.

Damn I know how you feel.

Glad someone does... haha

Btw, keep going with your music and art! I approve :)

Good to see an update. But yeah, it sucks you can't seem to find a good time for MN4- like Slipz10, I DO know how you feel. Wish you the best of luck, though.....

great to see your still animating!

I'm amazed how you ridicule others work when you yourself are no god at flash.You say people need to be more "creative" When you just feed off the genius of Krinkles. Keep your ideas for yourself unless they serve an actual purpose.

Whose work am I ridiculing?

But yes- one of the reasons I don't want to animate madness so much these days is because I'd rather spend time cultivating my own original ideas and leave madness to Krinkels. Its an awesome style, but I think its best left to its original creator.

When you are starting out with Flash, it helps to have an existing style to copy while you build up your skills. Just like training wheels on a bike. I can use flash ok now, so I don't need madness like I did when I had no clue where to start with learning.

Funnily enough, starting out with game development means I am now copying existing well-known game formats as a means to get my head around the development process. Some people might learn differently to me; but that is the best way for me. You will learn what is best for you once you start making your own flash

Creativity doesn't exist in a vacuum!

To clarify, I still want to finish the mn series someday, just so I can close that chapter of my life and put it behind me

I've been a fan of you for a long time. Your animations are just perfect! Good luck with the new games and aniamtions!

Thanks a lot.. I wish more people shared your perspective :)

I'm in love with your damned MN series! Seriously, the fighting, the characters, the plot is just so well-arranged I find the series an impeccable piece of art.. The creativity is also a major element in your animations. I love that gun homing missile thingy you've invented in MN3. Love them love them love them. And the fighting is damn awesome. Non stop madness juice flowing from frame to frame. The preloaders are a big help as well, because it informs me on everything that's going on.

I'm sad to learn that you've stopped working on MN4 as of the moment, I am shitting my pants brown everyday I wait for its release. Now matter, I do not want to rush you; do whatever you think best, if Flash games are the way to go, then so be it.

I'd say that if Krinkels were to suddenly dissapear of the face of the Earth, you would be the most worthy to carry on the Madness legacy. You have that hint of the same 'touch of genius' that Krinkels possesses in his works, but just not as much. Nonetheless, I find MN3 comparable to some of Krinkels earlier and more crappy works.

Just some inspiration from your biggest fan evar. Hope this keeps you going strong!!!

You shouldn't say things like that- you'll make my ego even bigger!

But yes, your words of support are very much appreciated. Indeed, I will continue going strong... Maybe not always in the form of madness, but know whatever I do will be done with the same level of dedication and stooge-delicious flavoring I season all my productions with...

Thanks again for your comments!

great to have u bac a hope MN4 WILL be made dis year?

i agree with likitty. I'm dying for #4!

do you know where maximum ninja 4 is

I have a feeling that you king of regret making the MN series!

5 years,5 years and mn 4 it dont done,we know,you have a life i understand this,but man...5 years,well when you have time,please continue mn3,i want be your friend,if you need help with this project,i help,is just send me a e-mail personal,ok

I should just be angry that you've been seemingly dead, but hey, we've all got our reasons for not sticking to this miserable little place. If you don't want to continue Madness or any other stuff, that's cool. But the only thing I'd ask is that you'd say so rather than just throw a big FU towards anyone that doesn't support it or just disappearing off the face of the Earth, too many flash artists do that, some damn good ones too. I don't need to know about your life, I just need some form of conclusion, that's all.

A sequel will me made if and when I feel like it.
No further conclusion can be given than that

Also, Newgrounds isn't miserable or little. Its quite the opposite! Thanks to this place, hundreds of people have seen my animations and I've made many close friends all over the world.

As for disappearing, I try and update regularly, but due to the nature of my life and the slowness of my various developments; my updates are often spaced quite far apart. What is the point of updating every week to say the same thing?

The funny thing here is that when someone 'seems dead' on the internet, they probably seem 'very alive' in real life

good god man i heard a rumor you was dead i aint checked your page in along time glad to see your alive and workin

and maximum ninja? yes, you said that you will leave madness to krinkels but it had had a great story, you can't leave the animation you must put an end.

is maximun ninja 4 dead ?

if you don´t want to make maximun ninja 4, at least leave some reviews of our works, we will be gladly to know what the people of the first generation of madness flash artists thinks about our currenct works. please respond

These days I dont have much time to lurk NG/Madness like I used to

But I spose there is no harm in showing my support now and then :)
I will have a look around and see what's going on these days

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