Entry #9


2016-02-20 03:15:33 by Sto0g3



In case you didn't see already: it's out. Have a play, if you dare.

Warning: It's very hard.

I'd like to say also, to anyone following me for my animations, I'm always happy to see comments or recieve an email. It puts a smile on my face knowing people care enough to say something good/bad even after so many years.

I've never had a full time job, I've always supported myself by taking on a diverse range of creative projects. I'm always learning and experiencing new things- but I'm not left with much time to pursue long-term hobby projects like animation.

Animation is something I've always been passionate about. It was the first medium I explored as a creative person and I still think it's one of the most powerful ways to express ideas.

I'm working to buy myself enough time to return to animation with something significant worth sharing.

Meanwhile, I hope you'll continue to follow me and the new projects I work on, I'll make an effort to post more about what I'm doing.


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2016-02-20 07:09:16

yeah ill buy it m8

Sto0g3 responds:

cheers, have fun


2016-02-20 16:30:17

this reminds me quake and doom, those simple and oldschool games like undertale have great potencial.

very good job

Sto0g3 responds:

doom+quake were a big influence. thanks!


2016-03-20 15:28:53

Its a bit like doom just more creepy.


2016-07-08 20:15:22

Hey, I've recently gotten invested in your old maximum ninja series, what happened to it?


2016-07-15 09:49:24

i live at the southen part of australia m8


2016-11-03 23:14:18

fuck you


2016-12-04 13:10:16

Hey Sto0g3, long time no see. I see youre still here at Newgrounds, that is awesome.
Did you make Devil Daggers? :O

Also, I really think you should consider continue on Maximum Ninja, not only is it one of the best Madness tributes, but it is also your legacy and the reason I made Alex the Samurai. After all, it was you that gave me your sprite sheet so I had the tools to work with.
(Even if the final result looks like it was made by a 12 year old)

Please give it serious consideration and if you already did, give it some more.



2017-03-19 00:01:29

Nice to see your drive hasn't lost its step, be it animation or otherwise.


2017-04-21 20:09:33

wow, this is a great game, and i know it after i saw a review online on youtube...

did you create this game? the devil daggers?

if yes, congrats! its amazing, incredibly hard, and visually impressive!
also, the whole dystopian setting of the dark underworld is truly horrifying! (but in a good/epic way)...

if not, then thanks for sharing...
its a good game,, man.

as for your limited free time, i do understand. work is hard.
tho, if you ever find the desire and the free time to do so, please make more of maximum ninja...
this was one of the BEST madness tributes, and most importantly, it was a UNIQUE+excellent madness tribute, it could/can stand on its own, and it created a new wave of QUALITY animations, that created the ''fighting action'' movies that dominated the portal during the 2005-2008 period...

i truly admire you, and i love your animations, and most notably, your excellent maximum ninja series. it is a masterpiece, imho.

anyways, have a nice day, and remain awesome!
you are a great, creative person!


2017-05-24 08:57:06

you made devil daggers mate? what a small world