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Hilarious animation, 10/10


You're a great artist, I'm definitely going to have to lurk around your other submissions!

I felt that the only thing that let this movie down was the music... I mean- it was quirky and interesting in a way, but I think something more serious and atmospheric would have suited it better- as well as some tactile and visceral sound design to really bring all these cool creatures to life

Anyway- very good work here.

Gotta take things to the next level.

I think what you have here is something that has a great deal of potential.

Some of the jokes didn't strike me very well, but for the most part your sense of humor is entertaining enough... And considering I'm a comedy nazi, I'm sure there are people out there who just laughed their asses off at this entire thing

Anyway. The artwork and animation is good, and the music too is of a high quality

The only problem I have with it all is the lack of consistency. The voice acting, sound effects and music are all in very heavy contrast with one another

After hearing low-bitrate voice recordings, it sounds bizarre to suddenly have super-high quality music slamming out in full stereo, and much louder than everything else

The sound effects too are quite varied in this manner

I think you should spend some time thinking about how you can create a production which feels like a 'single entity' rather than appearing as a bunch of random media mashed together under the premise of a flash series

Obviously recording all of your voices in high quality is quite difficult, as it requires not only you, but everyone else to have decent recording equipment

I might suggest investing in some decent gear and doing all the voice-acting locally, rather than over the internet. This also means you can more actively direct how you want your voice actors to perform your script (though this current cast didn't do a bad job :)

As for music; try and get one dude to do it all, and in a way which fits in seamlessly with your art style. For the most part the music fit in ok.. But I think what you should be aiming for is music that is the audio equivalent of your visuals, if you understand me? There should be such a disparity

So yes. Overall I enjoyed what you've made here and appreciate that there are people out there putting the time and effort in to bring things like this to realization!

Keep up the good work, but also consider my suggestions...

All points for effort

I see what you are trying to do, and I feel that you have succeeded.. Though much work is left to be done

The last thing I'd want to do is discourage you; cause truth be told, the world can never have too many people producing stuff like this in order to say what they want to say

I feel that all my gripes I have with your techniques and whatnot aren't worth saying, cause these problems will disappear as you continue to refine your art and ideas

So my final message is to just keep going, cause you can only get better!

MonkFlash responds:

Thanks for the feedback.


Something about this movie disturbed me deeply. I think your brother's music had much to do with it.

I loved it.

Make more of this.


These are fantastic :)

Wait a sec....

If he was the shadow-man all along-


MindChamber responds:



Great movie man!

I think if any improvements could be made, maybe shorten the narrative text around the German-thing? Its like I was looking for a 'skip cutscene' button to get back to the point and action of the movie. And I was a little confused by the story, but that's ok cause its Madness.

Look forward to seeing where you take this next, good luck with the contest!

Indeimaus responds:

Thanks Stoogey.


Great sequel man, totally worthy of the rest of the Madness series.


Great work here,

Do more plz

Part of the NG community during 2003-2006: Created a series of Madness Combat tribute animations called Maximum Ninja. After that I worked on Flash gamedev in varied creative roles, before making sound design and music my full-time focus.

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